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Narrative Techniques for Leaders – October 7 2005 – UK

(Migrated weblog post from LSR) This is the first weblog post from a new category I created just a few minutes ago and which will try to capture something that I have always found very interesting at the same time that enlightening. And that is the attendance to different conference events. Call them conferences, workshops, seminars, webinars, online meetings / events, you name it. So in this category I will try to detail different conference events for which I have an additional interest in rather attending or knowing something more about them. Obviously, these conference events would have something to do with Learning & Knowledge, (Remote) Collaboration, Communities and Communitybuilding, Social Networking, etc. etc. There isn’t anything so unique as to be able to weblog live events that are taking place at the same time that you are participating in them so I am hoping that as I may get my chance to travel to different places I would be able to detail some of that. However, and since that travelling may not be taking place as often as I would like it to be I still have got an additional interest for different events. Which is also why I am going to be asking to my weblog readers to participate and chime in and share with me what their experience(s) have been to different common interest related events. Take, for example, Narrative techniques for leaders : Mastering transformational leadership through the use of narrative. Masterclass to be held in the UK on the 7th of October and event that I will not be able to make although I would be interested in getting to know some more about how it went. About a couple of years back I attended a similar masterclass provided by Dave Snowden and I thoroughly enjoyed the powerful messages on how important storytelling is for any Knowledge Management organisation in order to try to inspire a much more powerful and rewarding knowledge sharing culture. This year’s masterclass will be provided by Dave Snowden again and Steve Denning and after reading the agenda I think it would be as equally useful, if not, as in previous years. So from here I would ask anybody out there who may be reading of elsua and planning to attend this event to let us know how it all went and what new exciting things are happening around the world of storytelling and its different narrative techniques. Here you have got some further details from the event from Steve Denning’s web site. I look forward to reading some more from you all.

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