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IceRocket Relaunch of BlogScour

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

This weblog post will surely be very interesting to folks who may have been familiar all along with this superb search engine called IceRocket. In the past I have been weblogging at my work weblog a couple of times about one of my favourite search engines, and in this case it is not Google, but IceRocket, owned by Mark Cuban (By the way, if you haven’t subscribe to his weblog already you may want to go ahead and do it. He is quite some interesting read!).

Anyway, what I wanted to share with you folks is that IceRocket is about to launch BlogScour, focusing more than anything else on weblog searching. And this, indeed, is quite interesting since it will be targeting a different audience with different needs, pretty much like Technorati is doing at the moment. So we would have now another search engine that we can use to provide us with some good quality results pretty much like IceRocket was doing at the moment for general web searches.

If you are looking for more information details on this recent announcement check out the CNET article and Micro Persuasion’s weblog post about the launch.

I must say that in the past if I was looking for weblogs content I would normally go for Yahoo! Search since I felt it is much better than Google in providing more extensive results but by the looks of it I will start using IceRocket some more from now on. Specially, since it has got a couple of other neat features: Tags and an RSS Builder option. And also have you checked out Blogs Trend Tool ?.Quite interesting indeed if you are tracking a particular topic. IceRocket continues to rock the place as far as search engines are concerned and certainly there doesn’t seem to be a limit to it, at least, not yet.

So as you can see not everything out there is just Google, Yahoo!, MSN or AskJeeves. There are some other interesting players out there and some of them, IceRocket and BlogScour in this particular case, are worth while a look just in case you may not be aware of them.

Finally, here is quite an interesting weblog post from Mark himself on the subject: Using Blog Search for Business. Quite enlightening, to say the least.

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