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IBM and the Future of the Home

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This is one of those times, folks, where I am actually really glad that I have finally succumbed to the temptation and got my hands on an iPod. It arrived already a week ago and during that time I have been moving my entire music collection and I have just realised that I still have got lots of space for some other goodies. Like the second IBM podcasting: IBM and the Future of the Home.

Isn’t that perfect timing or what ? Earlier on today, IBM has launched the second Podcast and around the topic of The Future of the Home. Here you have got the excerpt of the podcast itself:

“George Bailey and Kevin Reardon are two IBM experts on the consumer-electronics industry. In this IBM podcast, George and Kevin discuss how an explosion of new consumer-electronics gadgets, smart home appliances and home network technologies promise to combine together to change the way our homes work and how we interact with them. First, however, the companies that plan to sell home integration technology and services need to find the right business model for success.”

I have just finished listening to it in my iPod and it is just fascinating how much things have changed over the last couple of decades as far as the household appliances are concerned. Certainly, it is an interesting and refreshing overview of where we are heading with regards to smart homes, amongst other items that you thought were not that important but they actually were, like services, which will become key, or like applying Open Source while using different pieces of software to make it all work. Indeed, fascinating to say the least, and worth while to listen to it.

And now that I have got the iPod I guess I do not have an excuse any longer, right? Indeed, that is what I thought. Anyway, if you really want to know what is actually going to happen with The Future of the Home I can certainly recommend you listen to the podcast. There may be some items that you may agree with or not, but it surely makes up for an enlightening listening !

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