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Google’s Move into IM Is Actually a Good Move

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The hype from Google Talk continues. Today Technorati is indicating there have been 8,220 posts about “Google Talk”. Pretty impressive considering that Google‘s new IM offering has been in the market for just a couple of days.

The interesting thing about this new IM client release is probably not the fact that it is coming from such a company as Google or that it basically does not add substantially anything new to the myriads of VoIP / IM clients already available, but the fact that it has been a massive wake-up call for a number of different VoIP / IM clients. And if not check out this TechnologyReview article: Google’s Move into IM where it is clearly indicated that the biggest thing that could happen with Google Talk is the fact that other competitors will wake up and react to the move.

Yes, the article mentions Skype specifically, as the main competitor to Google Talk that has taken things seriously enough to make some further announcements about opening up Skype in order to help improve its many features available and still continue to be ahead of the rest of the competition, which, in my opinion, still is and big time !

And I think that this is where the true power from Google Talk lies. The fact that it has woken up other VoIP / IM giants and actually that would make them even stronger and much more competitive that what they may be already. So somehow and pretty much like we have seen it with the web browser war I think we are about to enter a much fiercer battle between giants like Skype and everything else. Whether that everything else may be, including Google Talk or not. So we have got some very interesting times ahead of us, folks. Stay tuned or you will miss out !

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