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First IBM Podcast Goes Live !

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I am sure that most of you, folks, have read / seen / weblogged about the recent announcement back in May this year where IBM finally jumped into the corporate weblogging wagon and encouraged its employees to engage and participate in the Blogosphere. Although there were probably few hundred people already engaged maintaining their external weblogs, right away it grabbed a really good momentum that we are still enjoying a great deal (Maybe I will add some more into that thought). Well, I think the story is going to repeat itself with IBM launching the first IBM Podcast. Yes, indeed IBM goes Podcasting !

Even though one of my colleagues, Aneel, mentioned another podcasting effort from one of IBM’s divisions, talking about the recent z9 announcements, I think this would be the first major announcement where IBM is embracing podcasting and start producing some content from now on and available in the IBM Investor Relations web site.

I must admit that I am really excited to see all this taking place as I think it would bring lots of visibility to our clients, and everybody in general, about what IBM is doing in a number of different fronts and, certainly, it will help us all engage in a much tighter collaboration. So just in case you may not have seen it yet, here you have a small excerpt about the first IBM podcast:

“IBM Investor Relations presents a unique audio series entitled “IBM and the Future of…” on key business and technology topics. Download MP3 files or subscribe to the podcast feed to learn more about IBM’s thought leaders’ vision for the future.”

The first in the series is titled IBM and the Future of Driving and as you have read above you will be able to subscribe to the RSS feed or download the .mp3 file, where both Jim Ruthven and Dr. Roberto Sicconi will discuss how “voice-recognition technologies, telematics, new user interfaces and sensing technologies are coming together to change the way we design, build, drive, maintain and insure our cars.” Worth while a listen if you are interested in the subject of cars in general or if you are working in that particular area.

Oh, and just in case you may not have noticed, on the same web site IBM has put together some introductory articles that describe both Podcasts and RSS, just in case you may not be familiar with either term. Alternatively, you can also go to Wikipedia and read some more on both subjects, respectively. So go and grab the podcast while it is there and let’s look forward for the next one !

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