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Finding Your Work Life Balance – You Decide!

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One of my colleagues at work weblogged earlier on today about the continuous struggle to achieve a good work / life balance and suggested some interesting reading to go ahead with it: Brad Feld‘s Discovering Work Life Balance. After having read through the weblog post I just cannot help but feel very much identified with how Brad reached that balance.

And that is also probably the main reason why I relocated back to my home country in an effort to regain control of my priorities in life and why I particularly chose to come to live in such a place as Gran Canaria. There is always something new to do, new people to meet up in a weekly basis, friends who come over on holidays year in year out, a new restaurant to check out, some very friendly people, some amazing country side and some of the most beautiful small villages and beaches you can think of. Basically, the perfect vacation spot in a mini-continent on its own.

If you have been following the pictures that I have been sharing in my Flickr account you will know exactly what I mean, and, even better, if you have ever been over here then you know exactly what it is like. I bet you would agree with me that you wouldn’t change it for anything. However, while I do realise that this may not be the perfect way to reach your work / life balance -there may be other interesting things and activities you would want to get involved with- it does work for me.

And that is the key important message, I guess. For Brad his set of rules worked out just fine for him. For myself, although with slightly different rules / habits, they have all worked out incredibly well, and still going strong. Thus at the end of the day it is actually up to you to reach that work / life balance. It is not going to be an easy task, I can tell you that, but once you achieve it I bet it will be difficult for you to let it go. So what are you doing to strike that balance ? Does it really work with you ? Or is the struggle still taking place day in day out ?

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