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Blogger Faces Lawsuit Over Comments Posted by Readers – Continued …

Earlier on today I mentioned that I would be following up on a story that I found particularly interesting as I felt that at some point in time or another we, webloggers, may be affected by its developments, depending on how it progresses further. And so I did. I have been following it up and it looks like things are starting to develop quicker than I thought, because by the looks of it Aaron is getting ready to hire a lawyer and get things rolling. At least, that is what you can read from his weblog, where he is also accepting donations from people to help out if there would be a need for it in the near future.

Yes, I mentioned in the previous weblog entry that this particular case is going to get very very interesting as we go ahead, specially when next to all the buzz that is going on out there you bump into the following weblog post by Michael Froomkin: Can Bloggers Be Sued for Commentators’ Postings?. Quite an enlightening reading that proves that there is some light at the end of the tunnel. As I said before, I am not sure how this is going to turn out but one thing for sure is that I hope that Aaron comes out successfully, specially with statements as clear as this one:

“Why a blog with comments would be treated differently from, say, a BBS or a chat room escapes me.”

Thus good luck, Aaron ! All the best ! We are all with you on this one !

For those folks interested in getting a feel of what is happening out there in the Blogosphere about this particular issue here is the Technorati Search, with a special mention to this weblog post by Dave Taylor, owner of The Intuitive Life Business Blog: Comment added to blog leads to inclusion in the Wall Street Journal. A very good read, worth while going through, to show that, despite all the fuss, it is always a good thing to participate in weblogs sharing your comments. It is just a question where the weblogger may need to monitor them closer, a little bit.

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