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Balance – Where Could Collaboration Take You?

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What I am about to share is, in my opinion, one of the best, most shocking, animations I have seen in quite a few years. It is a file that has been uploaded to YouTube and it is called Balance (An 8 MB download).

The reason why I really enjoyed this animation is because it just simply puts together one of the most fascinating messages out there: lack of collaboration or teamwork can be fatal to a project’s life. Indeed, whether you are working in a project with a particular team or whether you belong to a community unless you collaborate there is probably no space for you and the rest of the team or the community would probably let you know about it quite up front. The key to work in a team, a community or whatever other larger group is one’s own capability to collaborate, to share knowledge, to learn from others. And failure to do that will just make any project fail. Like you can see in this Balance animation.

As I said it is a bit disturbing as well but, hopefully, will bring forward a positive message with regards to how people should behave whenever they need to get involved with other people in order to produce something. Working alone will not take you anywhere. Working with others in a team / community as a team / community member will get you as far as you may have set up the limit for. You decide how far you want to go.

“Knowledge is Power”Sir Francis Bacon

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