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Am I Part of the Weblogging Crowd?

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According to this particular news article: Blog readers younger, richer than average Web surfer, I may need to think about it twice and see if I would be part of the Blogosphere or not. And if you do not believe me, let’s have a look.

“blog visitors are also more active online, visiting almost twice as many Web pages as the average Internet user.”

Of course, this is what RSS was invented for, wasn’t it ? I mean, way before weblogs became really popular and all I don’t think I was checking more than 20 or 30 web sites a day to grab the information I was searching for. However, today with the news web sites and weblogs that I follow I have got several hundred of those resources coming to my RSS Newsfeed client on a daily basis. So, yes, we get to visit more web sites because we have gotten too much used to RSS.

“Blog visitors are disproportionately likely to be affluent, young and broadband-enabled,””

Hummm, affluent ? Really ? I doubt it, otherwise why would I still be working ? I think I need a new definition for that word, for sure. Young ? Another one I would need a definition for. I am not sure I would be considered young but then again I am going to take that since I guess there is a large Internet population above the 40s. And yes, I am broadband-enabled. But in these days, who isn’t ? I mean with all the different options available out there, ADSL, Cable, different Wi-FI AP, etc. etc. it is very difficult not to have it. I mean, even here, where I live, a small town, we have been having ADSL available for a while and very shortly they will increase the speed again, free of charge (Sometimes competition really pays off, huh ?).

“Blog visitors are 11 percent more likely than the average Internet user to have incomes of US$75,000 or more, and are 30 percent more likely to live in households headed by someone between the ages of 18 and 34, the study found.”

Goodness ! Without giving out too much detail… Wrong, in both cases. I wish it may have been true but in my case it is totally inaccurate.

“Regarding e-commerce behavior, blog visitors are 30 percent more likely to shop online than the average user.”

Probably but I am not sure if that is due to the fact that I read weblogs or that I am constantly connected to the Internet. Therefore I have grown a tendency to shop online as I find it much more comfortable than having to run to the store. Mind you though, that sometimes it would depend on the item to be bought.

“The most popular type of blog is the political one”

No, not for me. I hardly ever go to political weblogs. Ever since I got started with my online experience, a few years back, I consciously decided that there would be three subjects that I would never touch, nor discuss online. And politics is one of them.

So after having read that article I guess I am not the typical weblogger, at least, I am not part of that 2 million Internet users who have been part of the study. Maybe next time when they increase the sample population to the range of 10 million Internet users I may fall into the category of a typical weblogger, but so far I fail and big time, actually. Let’s see what would happen next time around.

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