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There Is Nothing More Interesting than Competition, Is It?

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

Yes, folks, indeed, it seems like competition around VoIP clients is sky rocketing because it looks like we have got a new competitor in the market. Just recently I talked about VoipBuster and Jajah, Gizmo and Wavigo as pretty interesting competitors against Skype and it seems we have got a new competitor in the market: vSparrow.

As the web site indicates vSparrow is yet another P2P VoIP client that would allow you to speak free for “PC-PC and with just 2 US Cents for PC-Proper phones and 4 US Cents for PC-Mobile phones (this tarrifs will be available everywhere in the world)\”. And that seems to be a pretty good deal to me. But hang on because it gets better. vSparrow will also remain as Freeware and, more interestingly, it will remain Open Source, which will then also make it a very good competitor against Gizmo, currently available as Freeware and open source.

So the competition is about to get tougher than ever before and although we may have to wait a little bit before it is widely available for download (Planned for 1st of September) vSparrow will certainly grab some attention, if it hasn’t done that already. So another competitor is in the making and certainly, us, end-users, will be there to try it out and judge for ourselves if it would be able to make it or if it would just be another attempt to get us even more confused than what we may be at the moment with some many VoIP clients becoming available as we speak. Of course, in its due time I will be weblogging about the experience of using this new VoIP client and see how it goes. So more to come later …

In the mean time, let’s see how long it takes before we get another competitor in the market trying to make its way into our desktops to give us the ultimate VoIP client experience.

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