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Are You Ready to Vlog?

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Ok, folks, are you ready to vlog? Apparently, this is one of the latest trends out there in the Internet that is grabbing more and more momentum by the day. It is called vlog or vlogging and it is the short name for video blogs. There seems to be a huge hype going around vlogging more than anything because of its cool factor of allowing folks to create, edit and publish their own videos on the Internet where people could subscribe to.

Katie Dean, from Wired, recently wrote an interesting and intriguing article describing the phenomenon itself: Blogging + Video = Vlogging and while reading through it I just couldn’t help thinking if eventually vlogging would become as popular as weblogging is at the moment. I know that there are not as many vloggers out there as webloggers but with options like the Yahoo videoblogging group, Vlogdir or del.icio.us tags you could expect that things will continue to grow and that we will get to see more and more vloggers as time goes along.

I am not sure if elsua would be a good candidate for such new trend. I would need to think about it, but something tells me that I am not sure I would be jumping into that wagon, at least, for the time being. Maybe at a later time when it has settled down a bit and it has consolidated itself some more I may think about it. But how about you? Are you ready to vlog ? Are you vlogging already?. If you would want to share your vlogging experience with us just contact me offline or drop a comment here. I am sure we would be more than delighted to hear some more about how different the experience is from regular weblogging.

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