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Will You Ever Switch Over ?

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I have finally made it. I have finally been able to read Internet Explorer improvements come to light (IE 7.0 will have improved support for CSS and PNG Web standards) and I must say that after having finished the article it got me thinking, not to worry, just for a minute or two, not much more, if once the next release from Internet Explorer goes live I would still be using Opera or not. IE is promising again lots of goodies on the next version of IE, trying to keep up with the competition of other popular browsers like FireFox or even Opera but something tells me that it will fail to deliver, once again, on listening to what end-users are asking for: Web standards support, usability and accessibility.

So we will have for certain a newer version of IE but I wouldn’t be so sure that it would still be able to compete in those same areas with what Opera (and maybe FireFox) is doing. Certainly, it will be something to watch out for but one thing for sure is that even when it goes live Opera will still rule in my machines. I may be enticed to try it out for a week or so and see how it goes, but I already know that if IE cannot keep up with Opera’s innovation it will not stand a chance with my default web browser.

So how about you ? Will you consider migrating to the newest version of IE once it becomes available? Or will you stick around with Opera? I think I already know the answer and it will probably be the same one as mine. Good try, IE, but not good enough. Maybe next time around. Opera rules in this house !

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