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TiddlyWiki and TagglyWiki – Your Own Personal Wiki Experience Meeting Your Needs

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

If last week Friday I weblogged about a particular interesting Wiki (pbWiki) this time I thought it would be interesting to mention a couple of other Wiki engines that people would certainly find very interesting. They are TiddlyWiki and TagglyWiki.

Apart from putting together all the great features of the traditional Wikis there is one single feature that would make these two Wikis really worth while having a go at them. And that is the fact that both Wikis are running on a single .HTML file. Yes, indeed, you read it right, a single .HTML file! So this means that if you go to their download links (both of them located on the left navigation menu from their main homepage, respectively) you will just be able to save the .HTML file using the option ‘Save link as…’ or ‘Save target as…’ and once you have done that you have got your own Wiki engine running locally in your own computer, without having to use any kind of server of any kind.

You will be able to update content without any limitation and all of it will be stored in the .HTML file and ready to be distributed all over the place with your work colleagues, friends, whatever. These two Wikis (TiddlyWiki and TagglyWiki) are just a superb way to bring together the Wiki engine interface with the ease of use of having the end-user always in control of the information shared and where it will be stored.

So what are you waiting for ? Go and grab them while they are hot and start sharing content in them that you can then send to other people who you would want to collaborate with. Sharing information in Wiki format has never been easier than this, has it? So why wait?

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