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Talking About Commitment

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

Indeed, not long ago I posted a weblog entry on the topic of web browsing security and how the different web browsers like IE, FireFox and Opera were handling those security aspects to make our web surfing experience a lot more enjoyable.

I mentioned how web browsers as soon as they starting getting more and more popular they are bound to catch people’s attention (yeah, I know, the bad guys again) and get into continuous trouble. We have seen that with IE and we are seeing that with FireFox. And one key success factor in the adoption of such popular browsers is how fast they respond to security risks. The faster you respond, the better your reputation will be. And this is exactly what has happened with FireFox.

In just a few months we have had 4 different version upgrades of FF in order to try to fix a number of different security exposures and all those updates have taken place, in most cases, within a few days apart from when they were first detected. That is what I call Speed of Execution. Now you can download FF 1.0.4 and bypass the latest security exposure. And you are back in business. So I just downloaded it and installed it in both machines.

From all this I just hope that as Opera becomes more and more popular, as another option in the web browser world, that it also tries to keep up with those security exposures and, like FF, downloads to address them should be put in place within days of coming out to light as opposed to have to wait months, in some cases, like IE. That is, once again, commitment to provide great quality service, and since you do not get to see that very often these days of course it is understandable that you stick around. We all do.

Opera is still my default web browser, but if I ever switch over to FF I would be happy to do so, knowing that security is one of the top priorities they have and as such they would always try their hardest to address those issues and help us upgrade towards more secure browsers. And that is what I call commitment. Commitment towards fast execution.

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