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Ssshhh! Opera Slips Out Security Update

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

Some time ago I created a weblog post where I mentioned how crucial it would be for any web browser to respond rapidly to potential security issues, whether we are talking about Opera or FireFox (Or any other browser). I mentioned as well about how impressed I was about the speed of execution from FireFox when applying patches to fix different security issues in hardly no time.

Well, it looks like this time the turn is for Opera. As you have probably read in The Register (Ssshhh! Opera slips out security update) a new security flaw has been discovered in Opera 8 and within just a matter of hours, off we go, there is a new version of Opera, v. 8.01, which you can download from here, and which supposingly fixes the flaw.

Now how is that for speed of execution, eh ? I guess it cannot get really that much better off than this. One thing for sure that I am getting from all this is that whatever Opera mentioned about being a safe browser they are sticking to it and this is probably why I am also sticking with Opera. So to all those involved in helping in making our web surfing experience more secure a BIG Thanks !!!. It is great to know that someone out there cares out how safe we get to surf the Web. And the faster, the better !

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