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Screen Sharing Tools: The Best Low-Cost Solutions – June 2005 Update

Not long ago over at Robin Good’s weblog he shared an impressive weblog post about an extensive review of different screen sharing tools that people could go ahead and use for just a few dollars, not only for business but also for personal use. And while going through it and after posting yesterday’s weblog post on Skype Entering the World of Videoconferencing (Part II) I think we now have another option to add to that list of screen sharing tools.

Skype‘s newest plugin vSkype will just allow us to do that just. Apart from the already existing features that Skype currently offers, like continue using IM chats, using VoIP to talk to other colleagues or friends, sending files to the list of participants, we now have got the possibility of using video conferencing and screen sharing of applications so that we can share with our work colleagues or friends whatever the application, or the entire desktop, from our computers and at very low costs. Well, very low costs ? Actually, it will be free of charge, since Skype is currently offered as Freeware.

So if you are looking for a low cost, high quality screen sharing tool that can provide you with an extensive list of excellent features you may want to look at the alternatives Robin put together or simply try the superb offer put together with Skype and vSkype. Sometimes giving good presentations or sharing your screen does not necessarily mean you need to spend lots of money to do it. It is always good to have choices, isn’t it ?

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