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RSS Is Not Only for Weblogs

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

I am sure that if you have been weblogging for quite some time you must have had some kind of exposure to RSS (or Really Simple Syndication) as one of the most effective ways to keep up with the hundreds of weblogs you get to read on a daily basis. I just cannot imagine what it would be like having to check for updates on the hundreds of weblogs I monitor if it weren’t for RSS. Certainly, a big time saver if you want to quickly scan through a huge number of weblogs.

However, RSS Is not Only for Weblogs. It can be used for quite a few other things where you would need to get an update from. As a starter check out the following weblog post: RSS is Not Only for Blogs by Search Engine Journal where you can find a whole lot more information about what else you could do with RSS apart from keeping up with weblogs.

And if that list of items is not good enough check out what Tim Yang posted a couple of days ago. Indeed, 15 things you could do with RSS other than just getting updates from weblogs. I must say that after having gone through that list of 15 things I meet up 9 of them, which is not too bad. So I guess I still have to go a bit further trying to get as much exposure as possible to RSS, since if there is No RSS […] You Are Fired! as Scoble once mentioned.

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