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Project Gutenberg – Your Own eBook Library

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How many times you wished you would have an online repository from where you would be able to download all sorts of different eBooks free of charge and ready to use ? Wouldn’t it be nice if such a resource would be available somewhere ? Well, check out Project Gutenberg web site as that may be all you need to get you going.

It is a massive resource from where you can download up to 16,000 electronic books ready for you to dive into. It has got different areas that would allow you to search for your favourite eBooks. It includes as well a Catalog, a most recent books section and also a Top 100 selection of books you can browse through and download.

As I said an outstanding web resource that will keep you going for months and months allowing you to download each of those eBooks based on your interests. So if you are looking for something to read online do not hesitate and go to Project Gutenberg. There is a great chance you would find there what you were looking for. At least, I have found quite a few of them that would keep me busy for some time now. Neat !

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