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Priceless Quotes

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

And here we go again, this time with a third weblog entry regarding the recent Q&A session with Opera’s CEO Jon S. von Tetzchner. But instead of just commenting on some of Jon’s answers I am just going to mention some of the most refreshing and amusing quotes I went through while I read through the Q&A event and that have stuck around in my brain since I read them through. Some of them are just priceless:

“I think the fact that we are being copied so much is a clear indicator that we are doing something right. We are innovating and thus we are having a lot of fun. We will continue to innovate at an even greater pace”

“Being innovative is a lot of fun. The reality is that only some features have been copied. Others are probably too hard […] I also believe a lot of the functionality we have made works better in Opera, than in other browsers that have tried to copy what we have done”

“Opera is already free, so I do not see much reason in lowering the price. 🙂 […] We are a commercial company and I actually think that gives us more control over where we go. We have customers to satisfy and we will continue to work very hard to satisfy our customers through improvements on our product and in new, innovative features. “

Opera everywhere? […] Our aim is to be a leading player on client side Internet software, with focus on the browser. I believe we will be in a much stronger position in 10 years time”

You are not going to deny that those quotes are priceless, right? In fact, what I find really interesting is that some of them do match very well with some of the thoughts I shared in previous weblog posts about innovation specially, so by the looks of it it seems that we have got some more Opera experience to enjoy still for quite some time. So where will Opera innovate next time around ? Joint web navigation ? Instant Messaging? Extended VoIP capabilities? Integrated Weblogging client ? Or an integrated Wiki-like client ? Hummm, there are so many options, so many ways to keep that innovation going that I just cannot think where it would go from now. We will have to wait and see what happens, I guess. I just can’t wait to see what would be next. What could be better than Opera 8? 😎

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