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Pictures Are Up Now!

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

Indeed, folks, I have taken some time today to gather some of the best pictures I took yesterday and have decided to upload them into my Flickr account. So if you notice, as part of the elsua template, it will display there the last 10 pictures I have loaded into my account and although I uploaded fifteen of them you will still get a chance to check them out from here. For the other five you will have to go to Flickr and check them out there, directly from the account itself.

From the pictures shown in the elsua template you will be able to see the pine trees from Tamadaba, the reservoir Las Hoyas, Artenara, La Caldera de los Altos de Galdar, the volcanic areas of Galdar, Tejeda, Roque Nublo (the symbol of the Gran Canaria), Roque Bentayga, Risco Blanco and Degollada de las Yeguas.

Just in case you may not be able to locate the other 5 missing pictures here you have got the direct links to them: another picture of Degollada de las Yeguas, Barranco de Berrazales, Roque Nublo and Roque Bentayga together, and two pictures of the pine trees of Tamadaba.

So go and have a look. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did when I took the pictures. Breathtaking, to say the least.

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