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Off I Go to the UK

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

Yes, folks, over the next few days you will see that I may not get a chance to post some content on a regular basis in LSR as I will be heading over to the UK (Portsmouth ), for work, to give a presentation on some Knowledge Tools and then right after that I will be heading up North, to London, to spend a few days over there, till Monday, to catch up with one of my favourite cities, at least, from the ones I have lived in for some time.

Last time I went to London was about two years ago, also during summer time and I surely had a terrific time over there catching up with some friends and hanging about in the city, and I guess I will be doing some of that again since two years without going over there is quite some time. I have been advised by some of my friends over there that it has been raining for the last few days and it looks like it is going to be like that till about Monday, which doesn’t sound like the perfect way to spend a summer weekend but then again that is what London is all about and after you have lived there for a while you kind of get used to it. So no suprises for the London weather in summer time.

I am planning to take my digital camera with me so that you get to see the places I will be checking out. I am hoping to get some good pictures from the places that I couldn’t check out last time and, hopefully, they would be good enough to post at my Flickr account. If I get a chance and I also managed to have a live Internet connection I may be able to share some thoughts as well about how it is going and all. I guess I would just need to hook myself up with one of those WiFi places and continue weblogging. Will keep you posted how it goes.

However, if you do not see anything for the next couple of days do not worry too much, I am just having a nice break from everything and enjoying the big metropolis London is. And I just can’t wait, folks ! So off I go to London !

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