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Joining the Enemy Any Time Soon?

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

Over at subtitles Louis has just shared an interesting weblog post that just I couldn’t help smiling about a great deal. FireFox seems to feel threatened in the everlasting web browser war, ever more since Opera‘s latest release, and in order to get back on track it is figuring out to deliver a new client with plenty of new features. Well, mind you, new features for FireFox, because, in most cases, they have been already available in Opera for quite some time now.

So I guess that if you cannot beat the enemy as far as innovation is concerned you might as well join him and reuse some of the most powerful features the enemy has got to offer in order to come back. At least, that is what FireFox is planning to do.

First, it was spatial navigation that Rijk was weblogging about not so long ago. Now it looks like it is going to be the magical ‘Z’, that is, instantaneous Back-Forward, in my opinion, one of the most powerful features Opera has got to offer and one of my favourite, then Scalable Vector Graphics, which Jon S. von Tetzchner, Opera’s CEO, already mentioned Opera is the first browser to support such web standard.

So what will be next? Zooming?, Voice integration? We shall wait and see, for the time being it is nice to see that Opera is not longer looked at as yet again another web browser alternative to IE or FF. It is actually just much more than that: the enemy that is to be beaten by competition in order to keep themselves alive. Plenty of good fun, huh?

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