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Jardin Canario – Nature At Its Best – Part Deux

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Last week I mentioned how I ended up going to one of the most beautiful places in Gran Canaria that is certainly a worth while visit for anybody who loves nature at its best: the Jardin Canario. I mentioned how I took a whole bunch of stunning pictures and I thought I would give you folks another update to mention that this week I am sharing some more of those pictures in my Flickr account.

There are some really nice shots taken from the huge amount of cacti available in one of the gardens and also some really nice waterfalls, one of them in memoriam of the founder of Jardin Canario: Eric Sventius. And as I mentioned earlier on I am already making plans to go over there during the winter (rainy) season so that I can get to see nature in all its greatness and share with you what is like. But for the time being here you have got three of my favourite pictures taken from last week’s trip to the botanic garden of Jardin Canario:

Sventius waterfall

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