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How To Sit at a Computer

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If you are one of those folks who is sitting in front of the computer more than what you would want, rather be it for work or just in your own personal time, I am sure you are very well aware of the risks you are taking w.r.t. your health and been able to sit down in the right position while you are having fun with your computer(s) or not. Throughout the years I have come across a few of my friends having encountered numerous problems with RSI or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to a degree where some of them, specially the ones who have been using a computer quite heavily, are no longer able to play with it for longer periods than 15 to 20 minutes before having to take a break.

I am sure you may have seen or read about it already and how serious it can get. However, and before that happens, that is why web sites like this one (How to sit at a computer) are really handy to have a look at and do some checks about how we are currently sitting in front of our computer(s). With this web site and in just 4 easy steps:

  • Your Chair
  • Your Keyboard
  • Monitor, Document and Telephone
  • Pause and Breaks

    you will be able to find out if you are using your computer in the right way or not so that you can prevent future cases of RSI. If you have never paid attention to such issues I can only recommend it even more that you check out the web site and see how well you are keeping yourself healthy by something so important as knowing how to sit at a computer. So if you value your health enough spend the next 10 minutes going through the site and make adjustments as you may see fit. Your body and later on, yourself, will be grateful you did stop over. At least, mine did.

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