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How-to: Backup Del.icio.us to Gmail

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

If you are one of those people who have come to depend on social networking tools like del.icio.us then I am sure you are going to enjoy this particular tip: How-to: Backup Del.icio.us to Gmail. Indeed, following the instructions from that tip you will be able to back the entire contents from your del.icio.us account bookmarks in your GMail.

It is just only six somewhat easy steps so if you think you would want to back up your bookmarks do not hesitate to go through and ensure they are all stored into your GMail account. Then, not only will they be backed up but you will also be able to use the extended searching capabilities of GMail to find those bookmarks you thought you may have lost in the way.

A big thanks to Dan for putting this together and for sharing it at his weblog ! Way to go, Dan! Thanks much !

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