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Hardly Any Time But…

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I know that today I have hardly had any time for weblogging a bit. But do not worry, there is a reason for it. I have been having a day off from work and since it was a delightful day outside I decided to go with some friends and check out the island and we have been driving around the island for over 7 hours with breaks here and there. But the most amazing thing is that we have been able to take some of the most stunning and beautiful pictures I have taken in a long while. So much so that I run out of disk space for both digital camera cards. I have one of 256MB and another one of 32MB and both of them are full with pictures. Roughly about 115 high quality pictures, when normally I would take between 50 to 60 pictures in trips like this one.

But I tell you, it has been so wonderful that I am just shocked at how much beauty I have seen throughout the different villages we have visited, the different landscapes, etc. etc. I am going to spend some time now to put them together in my Flickr account. But get ready because they are going to rock. At least, from what I have seen in the camera itself most of them are a superb bunch of high quality pictures with some superb scenes.

When I moved over here, to Gran Canaria, a little bit over a year now, I never thought I would be surprised so often and so much by the island’s diversity, the different people living in it and the superb mini-continent atmosphere. But don’t worry you will get to see that very shortly. I need to get going now and get ready for the weekend but I will share some of the pictures over the next couple of days. You will see what I mean with mini-continent and breathtaking pictures !

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