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Handling E-Mail with GM2ail

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Over at 30 Days to becoming an Opera8 Lover Tim has been talking on Day 11 about Opera Mail (M2) and I thought I would comment on it for a few minutes. I am not sure what is the obsession that everybody seems to be having to just use one e-mail client for everything in order to process mail. For example, for Opera users it would be M2, for IE users M$ Outlook and for FireFox users Thunderbird. I can understand that people would want to just use a single approach towards handling e-mail. But what would you do if you would have the possibility of handing e-mail in a very efficient and effective way using multiple e-mail components to process your e-mail with a single user interface? Wouldn’t you go for it ?

I did. I am using GM2ail. A combination of M2 and GMail. I have been using M2 all along for as long as I have been using Opera and I love it ! But I can tell you (and this would be no surprise to anybody out there) that there is nothing more that I hate than getting unsolicited e-mails (a.k.a. SPAM) on a hourly basis. Thank goodness Opera has got some really good filters available that will make your e-mail experience a lot more enjoyable.

However, every now and then there are still some unsolicited e-mails that get through and that I need to handle still in my M2 inbox. So after a long wait (Remember when Opera did not work very good with GMail? Or when GMail did not offer POP access?) I was really looking forward to trying out GMail now that both issues were fixed once and for all. And from that moment onwards I have yet to see the first unsolicited e-mail that hits my Opera M2 client.

On top of the filters I am using in M2 I am also using the Spam options within GMail, in order to reduce drastically the huge amount of spam I get on a daily basis. And believe or not it just works. As I said I no longer get any spam messages and all the e-mail that comes through is the e-mail I need to handle. So I am thinking, why do people insist in just using the best of one world, when you can use the best of both worlds: Opera’s M2 and GMail. That is, GM2ail.

I wouldn’t change this method in handling e-mail for nothing else at the moment. So much so that all the other private e-mail accounts I used to have are now forwarding the e-mail to my GMail account. Then I configure M2 with the POP details from my main account and off it goes. E-mails are coming through just fine, but only those e-mails I need, everything else is left out. So instead of just utilising the best of one world I decided to utilise the best of both worlds and so far it has worked so well that my original aversion to e-mail is almost gone. I am sure that as things improve even more those issues I had against e-mail will be gone for good. And all that thanks to GM2ail.

Oh, I nearly forgot, if there is anybody out there who hasn’t got a GMail account but would love to have one to give it a try just drop a comment here or send me an e-mail and I will send over an invite. Or, alternatively, you could check out isnoop.net gmail invite spooler, where you just need to key in a code, place the e-mail address you would want to receive the invite in and click on Request Invite. Within minutes the invitation will be in your inbox, ready to go and set up your own account. Have fun !

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