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GreaseMonkey User Scripts vs. Opera Javascripts

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

I am sure everybody would agree with the fact that one of the most powerful features from FireFox is the fact that you can customise it to your own liking using what they call FF extensions. And from all of the great extensions that are out there maybe one of the most powerful ones, more than anything else because it brings the power back to the end-user when surfing the web, is GreaseMonkey.

Everybody has heard about it and everybody has learnt to love this extension. Even more when you bumped into wikis like this one: GreaseMonkeyUserScripts – An Unnamed MoinMoin Wiki. There you will find a huge amount of different scripts ready for you to install them and start playing around with them. And believe me, I have been an Opera fan for quite some time, there are some really good ones out there ! But all of that depending on what your needs are.

So what is Opera doing in this respect? I mean, what is Opera doing with regards to give back that power to end-users to customise the web to their own liking and benefit from it without whatever the hassles, which is what Greasemonkey does for you very nicely? I guess the quick answer is Opera’s User Javascripts.

Lots of people may think that Opera users do not have many chances to come and improve their web browsing experience using such a high level of customisation and to all of them I would suggest to check out the following web sites where you will be able to find a whole bunch of information on User Javacripts and also how you can even customise Greasemonkey scripts you may like and adapt them to your favourite browser, Opera, that is. So here you go with them:

  • UserJS.org: A superb collection web site just getting started putting together some really good User Javascripts already. Highly recommended to get you started.
  • Opera Browser Wiki :: User Specified Javascript: A superb Wiki page by Nontroppo that provides some good guidance on how it actually works with some good examples as well.
  • User JavaScript for Opera 8: Maintained by Rijk, so don’t think I would need to say much more on that one.
  • And, finally, Virtuelvis: Probably one of the most helpful weblogs out there from where you can grab all sorts of info on User Javascripts and other related topics. An interesting read every time.

    So, you see, Opera users are not alone in this space where end-users are improving their web experiences. It is just a matter of getting organised and ready, and in this case Opera users have not let this opportunity slip over and miss it. So go and grab your favourite scripts while they are hot ! Improve your web surfing experience ! You will not be back any longer !

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