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Google Earth – The Price of Being Far Too Popular … Again!

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Yes, indeed, it is not the first time that we see great applications coming up from Google which are stopped from downloads just after a little while due to the huge popularity of everything Google does at the moment. And it was before with Google Desktop Search, amongst others, and this time it seems to be the turn from Google Earth.

It has been all over the place. Google Earth is supposed to be the latest Beta available gadget from Google and it will provide you this time with all the great capabilities from its search engine and different satellite images into a three-dimensional view of your favourite places on Earth, even your home. It is like doing worldwide sightseeing with a mouse click. And boy, does it work or what ?

However, folks who may not have been able to play around with it already would probably have to wait a little bit to test it out. At least, that is what is coming out of Google Earth‘s web site:

“Google Earth downloads temporarily delayed

Thanks for your interest in Google Earth, but we’re sorry we can’t offer you a download right now. As you know, Google Earth is in beta, and we’re still building out our ability to take on new users. We’re making good progress, and expect to be able to accept new downloads shortly, so we recommend you check back daily at earth.google.com. We hope to be able to welcome you and other new planet surfers soon.

We appreciate your patience,

The Google Earth Team”

However, it seems that I have been quick enough to grab a copy a play around with it and all I can see is that I am speechless. It is way cool to be able to just key in a few words and find some incredible 3D images of the places you always wanted to check out or visit for a while, even your own home town. I have given it a try with a couple of colleagues at work and we have been getting some incredible screen shots of the place where I live: Gran Canaria. I still need to get comfortable with all the different options and all, but after I get used to it I am going to share some of the screen shots that will give you a good idea of the kind of place where I live and how amazing those 3D images are. You will see what I mean when I said that I was speechless when I first used it. So if you care to find out a bit more of your favourite places or even your own home town, stay tuned for Google Earth to become available again for download and enjoy the experience ! I bet that from now on, if it didn’t happen before already with Google Maps, people would be looking a whole lot different to geography than ever before. And if not time will tell.

Now it is time to enjoy grabbing some more screen shots of my favourite places all around. So let’s keep digging !

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