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GMail vs. Thunderbird: GMail Wins!

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

I am sure that this weblog post (GMail vs. Thunderbird: GMail wins!) by Jeremy Zawodny will not come as a surprise to many folks out there, specially those who may be using M2 from Opera or those who may have tried Thunderbird and not be quite satisfied with the overall experience. However, what surprised me the most about Jeremy’s post is that he doesn’t seem to be making any choices as to choose the one and only e-mail client.

And this is something that I have done myself quite some time ago as I have been using GM2ail, a combination of GMail and M2. Sometimes not everything is down to make a final choice between one application or the other. Sometimes you can benefit from a number of choices and improve your overall experience with it. This is what I have done myself as well and how much I have come to depend on both tools in order to process all my mail, so I have a superb fast service whenever I need it and I have also got the possibility of handling e-mails offline whenever I need to, so at the end of the day it will just be my choice as to where and how I would want to process my e-mail.

And in this case the more options I have the better. And GM2ail just rocks ! It fits my needs for whatever the environment and most importantly it has become an integral part of my Internet experience. So choices are good, but sometimes it is better to actually not having to make a final choice but enjoy all options available.

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