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GMail Tips – The Complete Collection

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Earlier on today I mentioned how I am currently using my GMail account in combination with Opera’s M2 as a very effective way of handling e-mail and escaping all those unsolicited e-mails I tend to receive on a regular basis. However, there are times when I am travelling and just cannot take my notebook(s) with me, therefore I cannot use Opera to store my mail, but I would still like to check e-mail every now and then to see what is happening with friends and family. So for those times where I need to have access to mail regardless of the browser I may be using I tend to use GMail to process the e-mails and it is then when web sites like this one become really helpful.

Gmail Tips – The Complete Collection is just basically that. A very good introduction on how you can get the most out of your GMail account, whether you are using Opera, Internet Explorer, whatever. So if you are travelling around and do not have access to your own computers and cannot afford taking with you any other gadget to access your POP mail it will certainly become handy.

Then when you get back and you fire GM2ail you know that all the e-mails you have processed will now be stored in your local machine and therefore ready to be searched and revisited in combination with the mails already existing in your hard drive. Pretty neat I would say, so for those folks out there who may have a GMail account and who would like to know a little bit more of how they can best use the account check out the Gmail Tips – The Complete Collection.

I am sure there will be a chance you will learn something new you did not know before. And if not, it is equally good as a refresher, for certain. At least, it was for me.

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