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When was the last time you saw a really funny advert about the impact Opera is having in the end-users web browsing experience(s)? Hummm … exactly! That is what I thought. Quite some time ago (if ever). One of the key items that Opera needs to continue working really hard on is promoting its usage as one of the best alternatives out there as far as Internet browser suites are concerned. And in doing so sometimes you need to spice things up a bit or continue stirring the pot a whole lot more, always trying to look for alternative ways of delivering strong messages.

Take, for example, Funnyfox. A relatively simple web site with three, really funny, small videos that will certainly help you stick around with the idea that FireFox is a web browser worth while a try, even if it is just to see if you would get the same kind of effect as in the videos themselves. Each of them has got its own catch, something that will make you remember them for some time and what is the message they are trying to deliver? Indeed, FireFox is a cool browser to try out and enjoy its experience.

So what is Opera doing in this space? I can certainly imagine that the Opera Blogs may well help in spreading out the message, however, sometimes you need to do things with a twist in order to get your audience listening and getting your message. Maybe it is time to see Opera’s logo go for a real spin and fly higher up than ever before. Getting the message out is a good thing, but most of the times getting the right funny message will actually be much more effective. At least, Funnyfox has made it and its messages will stick around for a while.

So Opera are you ready to take on the challenge ?

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