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First Time Ever

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Indeed, for the first time ever, tomorrow evening I will be attending my first opera. I have been invited to go with some friends as they have been so convincing that I just couldn’t resist. It will be indeed my first time at the opera and supposingly I am to have some good fun. We will be watching Ernani, an opera “in four acts by Giuseppe Verdi. Libretto adapted from Victor Hugo‘s drama by Piave. First production, Venice, 1844.”.

While I am not an avid opera fan I guess it was about time to give it a go and see if I could make it throughout the whole thing in one piece. I am sure I will enjoy it a great deal. However, what I fear the most is that I may enjoy it so much that I may get hooked up and may want to go every month to the opera. We shall see how it goes. I will let you all know if it was worth going or not and if I have become an addict to attend some more in the near future or not.

So for the time being I am just going to read Ernani’s plot to get to know a little bit of the story and probably on Sunday I will let you all know how it went.

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