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First Time Ever (I Really Enjoyed It)

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Last Friday I mentioned how I was a bit excited about being my first time at the opera on Saturday to watch Ernani and how much I was looking forward to it. While I didn’t have much chance to post anything on Saturday, since I was busy doing plenty of things, I thought it would be a good moment now to share with you my first time ever experience going to the opera.

It was awesome !. I was told that Ernani is not an easy opera to understand for new comers to the opera world. However, I really enjoyed it a great deal. Not only the story was very good, but also the scenary was just beautifully setup as well as the clothing, all of it based on the 15th century Spanish fashion. The music itself was wonderful, certainly, when the choir would come in (very very powerful, specially if you are sitting very close to the stage) as well as the performance from Elvira, the King, Silva and Ernani himself. Overall I enjoyed the opera very much and I just cannot wait for the next time where I would be able to make it.

So overall I can only recommend folks who may have a chance to attend Ernani to actually go and watch it. It will be worth while the money and the time for sure. At least, it was for me and I would go again if I would have a chance.

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