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FireFoxOpera – Who Would Have Thought That …?

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… Just when you finish up reading controversial weblog posts like this one: opera moving in the firefox direction you end up bumping into web sites like this one: Firefox Experiments With Keyboard Navigation or this entire weblog: FirefoxOpera – Getting Firefox to emulate Opera…. Doesn’t it make you wonder who is actually getting it right?

From this piece of news we can conclude that FireFox is trying to figure out how they can start using the keyboard to navigate through web sites (without using a mouse). Nice, very nice, but Opera has been doing this for years now ! So it is not just “Opera, which just revved to version 8, has a similar feature.“, actually, Opera invented that particular feature. So who is following whom ?

But hang on because it gets better… Much better. In this particular weblog: FirefoxOpera – Getting Firefox to emulate Opera… you will have quite a few very well thought out and put together weblog posts that would help you make your FireFox become very close to that of Opera. If not check out the extensive list of Extensions available that will help try to emulate what Opera does. Amazing, eh? All those extensions, which require some additional download of components, is actually something Opera comes up with on the initial install. So no more fuss around it than just a single one time installation.

But apart from the extensions themselves you can also find a whole bunch of different hints & tips that will show you how folks can make their FireFox much more similar to how Opera works, in order to improve their web experience because as Clarifying the objective behind this weblog states:

“I don’t wish to start another Opera vs Firefox discussion over here, since I believe is that both browsers have their own merits and it’s impossible to compare them on common grounds. However, since it is far easier to add new functions into Firefox (via extensions), we are therefore able to bring some of Opera’s best features into Firefox and make it even better than what it is at the moment.”

I guess after reading through that and the weblog itself I think I am going to look differently at the initial weblog post I mentioned earlier on. Opera may be trying to emulate FireFox but it is actually Opera that is helping improve the FireFox web browsing experience. So now it is your choice to go for one or the other. I made up my mind a long while ago and I am still sticking to it… Opera rules !

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