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Fans Flock to Firefox Flicks

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

Yesterday I created a weblog entry where I was mentioning how some times an already strong marketing message could be even much more powerful if it would be spiced up a bit. Funnybox seems to have succeeded big time in this respect. But hold on because it may not be the only way of continuing to spread the message. At least, that is what can be read in this Wired article: Fans Flock to Firefox Flicks.

As you can read in the article there are plenty of other initiatives going on out there that, although they may not look as professional and witty as the original Funnyfox, they are still helping with the promotion of FireFox. And these marketing messages just seem to keep on coming out as time goes by. In the mean time Opera seems to be stagnated with the traditional way of promoting their product. Things like news articles directly from Opera‘s homepage, or the Opera community or even the Opera Blogs may not be just good enough.

So what else can Opera do to continue spreading the message in a new refreshing way ? Is it time for the Opera users to launch initiatives like the ones mentioned in the Wired article along with whatever Opera is currently doing ? It may well be the time to deliver stronger messages. At least, to bring up some more awareness of why it is still a worth while alternative. But then again how long can the hype last? Do you think it would be worth while investigating new alternative ways of promoting Opera like FireFox has done? I do think so, why not? The more awareness we raise the better it would be, right ? What do you think ?

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