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Continued Commitment to Web Standards Support

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You probably knew I would create another weblog about this particular topic since I have been a big fan of web standards all along as you can see from previous weblog entries I posted a few days ago. I just cannot be more glad to hear that Opera is still fully committed towards leading the space as far as web standards is concerned.

You probably have read already how Safari has been the first browser passing the Acid2 test (Way to go, folks, by the way !) but web standards do not stop there. Once you reach that goal you still need to be there and maintain yourself on the top and this is the reason why I know that Opera will be making it as well, regardless of what some people may say.

The race continues as both Opera and FireFox still need to pass that test and although FF is nearly there I am very confident that Opera will make it first. Time will tell. The important thing, though, as I mentioned earlier on, is the commitment and the ability to stay at the top as far as web standards support is concerned and this is the main priority from the Opera browser and if not check out these two quotes from Opera’s CEO Jon S. von Tetzchner on the recent Q&A session he held:

“In general, our goal is to stay on top as the most standards compliant browser. When it comes to the Acid2 test, it goes without saying that we will pass this test 100% in the future and that is a priority”


“We take standards very seriously. Opera is clearly a leader in the field and we aim to keep it that way. At the same time we will continue to work hard to make faulty pages work well. We will continue to do both, with even more focus and even more resources”

And if you read some more further on you will get some more details about this full commitment to continue bringing us the best Internet browsing experience around to Opera’s users and partners (one last quote):

“Our aim is to continue being the leader in web standards. We continue to work hard on implementing all relevant standards and we are quite active in the standards community as well. We have just added SVG support and we have had CSS2.1 support for quite some time. We have also started adding CSS3 support. XForms support is being discussed. We believe Webforms 2.0 makes more sense on the client side, but we do listen to our users and partners. We take accessibility quite seriously and our aim is to be the leader there as well, both when it comes to the standards and to adding features, such as zooming, single-key keyboard shortcuts, voice integration, etc. I hope that answers your question”

What else can you expect to convince yourself to switch over, eh? I doubt there would be anything else to be honest. At least, I couldn’t find it.

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