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Competition Is a Good Thing, Is It Not? Continued

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

A couple of days ago I created a weblog entry talking about how Skype was starting to have some serious competition in the area of Instant Messaging and VoIP by mentioning two different new applications that have become available: VoipBuster and jajah. Well, it looks like there is now a new application that is supposed to provide the same kind of functionality as Skype and it is called Gizmo.

This new application is just a 3.4 MB download and is supposed to provide you free calls to all Gizmo users, it has got both a free Voicemail and conference calls service and is supposed to have an amazing quality. And all of that Freeware, of course. While I have been checking out the web site itself it looks like it also allows you to call landlines at very inexpensive rates. But I think I am not going to go too much into detail with it since there is a very good review of how it works over at Michael Robertson’s web site: Skype Bad, Gizmo Good. You can find all the different details about it over there including the following comparison between Gizmo and Skype which you can see by clicking here, as a screen shot.

So if you are looking for an alternative to Skype certainly Gizmo looks like a good start. I have got yet to try out its many features but from what I have seen already it is more or less at the same level of Skype, if not better, since it looks like it is offering all those really good features but being an Open Source project, which makes it even more interesting. Isn’t competition a wonderful thing ? You bet !

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