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Can Podcasting and Screencasting Save the Boat for Opera?

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

I would certainly think so. Way back, from the very beginning, both Podcasting and Screencasting have been two very popular methods of delivering (strong) messages to different audiences on a multitude of different scenarios, products, items, whatever. You name it. And ever since the beginning both methods have been very successful in attracting plenty of folks around whatever the item that has been talked about. You can see very clear examples at Jon Udell’s weblog.

So given that popularity of both methods, wouldn’t you expect that Opera would be benefiting from them if there would be a particular fixed schedule from where people could download podcasts and screencasts about their favourite web browser? Of course you would. Still Opera does not seem to be paying much attention to this particular way of delivering messages. If you go into its homepage and search for rather podcasting or screencasting there are no results returned back to you, however, you do have some kind of screencasts with the magnificent resources that Nontroppo has put together and which I have weblogged about in the past, however, they only have got video and no audio so they are not as beneficial as you would expect.

So when thinking about this the last couple of days, where I have been talking about alternative ways of delivering different messages to wider audiences in a much fancier and appealing format than traditional marketing techniques, I think it would be the perfect time for Opera to dive into this new way of delivering information to its users. Opera needs to get busy podcasting and screencasting if it wants to continue promoting its usage by other end-users who are looking for a fancy tool to try out. Podcasting and screencasting is cool and Opera could certainly make use of their hype and get onboard.

Can you imagine the impact that a podcast by Jon S. von Tetzchner, Opera’s CEO, could have telling folks why their web browser is a good alternative compared to what is out there? I certainly cannot wait for the day where this would take place. For the time being we may need to just go by with Nontroppo’s soundless screencasts, but soon enough the more we have the better it would be. Let’s see how it all shapes up and see what time will tell.

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