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Goodness! So much to catch up with during the course of the next few days. I just got back late last night from the recent trip to the UK, including London, and I have got so much to talk about that I just do not know where to get started. So for the time being, and while I am trying to catch up with a few things at work and also with what has been happening out there, since I have been totally disconnected for 4 days, I am just going to let folks know that I am back home with lots of things grabbing my attention at the moment. So you would need to give me a little time to let you know how it all went.

Not only the experience about getting to travel again, which is always nice, but also what the London trip was all about. I am currently working already on a weblog post where I will be sharing some thoughts and some pictures of my stay in London after the terrible events that took place last week. But just to give you a little bit of an advance I will let you know that it has been one of the most amazing long weekends I have ever had in a long long time. And as I get to publish that particular weblog entry you will be able to see why. More to come later … Time now to continue catching up with work and stuff.

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