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Adding Persistent Searches to GMail

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

Not long ago I talked how one of the most power extensions for FireFox was actually taking the Internet by storm and bringing together a whole new experience for all those of us who would want to get so much more while surfing the web: GreaseMonkey.

Well, it looks like I am certainly going to enjoy this, because apart from that weblog post where I shared the link about an extensive list of scripts I just bumped, through another weblog post, into one of those scripts that I would certainly find useful and which has also been included in the original list: Adding Persistent Searches to GMail. Over at persistent.info there is an interesting tip weblog post that shows you how you can use a script that would allow you to perform persistent searches in GMail that you could reuse over and over again using GreaseMonkey.

I just tried it out and followed all the instructions and all I can say is that it works. And very well, actually. I am impressed with the ease of use and how nicely it integrates itself with the overall look of GMail itself and although I am currently using GM2ail and I am quite happy with it as there are times where I would be needing to go directly into GMail using something else than Opera’s M2 and it is great to see that there is this new script that will do the trick to save my searches when searching for e-mails, so that I can keep coming back and find them all again. Although you should not forget reading about the caveats of using such script, that is, the use of cookies. But overall pretty neat, indeed ! I shall get to use it some more as time goes along and my GMail capacity increases.

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