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What Is Nontroppo’s Wonderful World of Visual Tutorials Missing?

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

I am sure that by now most of those folks who have been using Opera 8 or, at least, have visited the web site itself, have seen the superb tutorials that nontroppo has put together to show some of the most popular features from Opera’s latest version. The tutorials themselves can be found in here and after having gone through them I still got to learn a trick or two, even though I have been using Opera for some time now.

However, I couldn’t help noticing something missing. Something that takes more relevance, specially, with the latest version of the popular web browser: some audio. As you well know, for the first time ever in any web browser (as far as I know) Opera is introducing a voice component that will actually help you talk to it to surf the web and read stuff out loud to you. And I was just thinking that those tutorials would have been a whole lot better if nontroppo would have been using the concept of screencasting, introduced coined by Jon Udell where those tutorials could have been created with both a video and an audio component.

I bet they would have been a lot more effective and compelling than what they are already now. After all it is always more appealing to hear someone’s voice telling you about something than having to read it out yourself, right? More than anything else because you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. I wonder if they would get updated at some point using screencasting and see if it would have the same effect. I am sure they would not. Main reason being adding both audio and video to a tutorial is probably one of the most powerful ways of delivering information to an audience, wherever or whoever they may be. So let’s see what happens next time. We will keep on watching.

For the time being if you do want to have a look into what features have been put together do not hesitate to check out the tutorials. You will enjoy them ! Thanks much, nontroppo!!! for putting them together and help others discover Opera and its many great features. Way to go !