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Updates to Weblog Template Are Now Completed

As you may have been able to see already, I have just finished updating the template for elsua and by the looks of it I doubt I would be making some other major changes for the time being. There are a couple of different things I would want to add but they seem to be down at the moment, so we will have to wait on those and see what happens.

However, everything else is working just fine. Thanks to the help from a good friend (And work colleague) of mine, Aneel, I have managed to include the final touches fixing the archives along with the Blogroll. Thus we are up and running, folks ! Everything should be working just fine, but if you find that there is a broken link or something that is giving you unexpected results just drop a comment or contact me offline and will look into it right away.

I must say that I thought updating the template would be a little bit painful since I got started with an almost empty template, but over time I was finding out that except for a hack or two it was not too difficult overall. And I am glad that is the case, because from now on I can concentrate on sharing some further content in my weblog and get engaged on the conversations.

Thus to everyone out there who has been reading off my weblog during the course of the last few days thanks a bunch for the patience and for sticking around ! Let’s now have some more fun !  


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