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IBM Research Turns 60

Earlier on this week you have probably seen an article at CNET to mark the 60th anniversary of the creation of IBM Research. It looks like it was yesterday but it is already 60 years since its creation and still going strong ! And while reading through that news article, along with the discussion over at /., you can see the kind of impact IBM Research has had in our daily lives.

During the course of the week there have been a number of different events taking place, with lots of people from different IBM background getting together, sharing experiences, knowledge and whatever other bits and pieces of information around the anniversary and so much more. Thus from here I just wanted to say HAPPY (BELATED) BIRTHDAY to IBM Research ! Let’s make it another 60 years of changing how the world operates. Let’s continue making a difference !

For those of you interested in reading some further stuff on the same topic check out this news article from ZDNET: IBM Research turns 60.

As I said, Happy birthday, folks ! And thanks for being there making this world a better place to live in ! Well done and may I wish you many more years to come !

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