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Who Am I ?

Ok, folks, now that elsua is almost done (I just need to put together a Blogroll for the Links section and that would be it) I think it is now time that I let you know a little bit about myself, what I do for work, what some of my passions and hobbies are and so forth. And instead of doing it over here in this particular weblog post I would like to invite you to visit the About page I created where you can read a little bit about myself, my work, my interests and what I get to do on my spare time, apart from writing in weblogs.

As you will see there, I have been working for IBM Netherlands for the last 8.5 years now and along with the main themes I will be weblogging about here in elsua you can also expect from myself to weblog about some of the stuff that is going around in the company that I work for, as long with some interesting links to other IBM webloggers that I follow on a daily basis. Thus stay tuned for some more to come ! And now just head over to the About section, read on and let’s get on further with it ! Let’s get busy !

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