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Work in Progress …

Yes, indeed, folks. Still working on the template from elsua tailoring it a bit. And I think I have made some good progress as I feel I am almost done. There are a few tweaks here and there I would still need to complete and then I would be off to a good start.

As you can see I have been adding a number of different items into both columns from elsua. I have added the calendar option; the Weatherpixie code to let you know a little bit of the weather we have got over here where I live;  I have added as well a counter with Miarroba; and, of course, a selection from my collection of photos over at Flickr.

Then on the left column you will find a disclaimer for this weblog; a subscription into Feedburner to grab your feeds, amongst others; I have also added another option to subscribe to elsua via e-mail for those folks who may want to get notified via e-mail whenever there is new content at my weblog; I have also added my Technorati profile, my Plazes profile; a nice little offering called Buzztracker; my Skype profile; and, finally, the possibility to tag my e-mail address through Tagalag.

Lots of items in my weblog template indeed, you are right. But there is a reason for it. Over the next few weeks you will actually see me weblogging about the different items I have got added in my weblog template as a way of sharing with you how each of these tools can be used in the context of Knowledge Management, Learning, Collaboration and Communities, in short, some of the major subjects from my weblog. Thus stay tuned for each of those weblog posts on each of these applications because they will show you how you can work with each of them and get the best out of all of them.

For the rest I would think that would be it for the time being. I think I still have got a couple of things to add here and there but they will get added in their due time. The ride is about to get started, folks ! Hang on tight !

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